Have you ever felt unsafe when walking outside? Pinksafety has created the perfect solution for you

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Our vision

Our service allows women to feel safer outside, especially after dark. After logging in to your account via Bank ID you will be able to match with other women that are in your proximity and heading in the same direction as you. The safest road will be shown on a map, but in case of danger, the local police and emergency contacts will automatically be called by pressing your volume button on either your iPhone or Android as well as sensors reacting to strong body movements.

We are proud winners!

On the 24th of March we scored 1st place in the category "Årets Innovation" with proudness. We are the only UF company to represent this category in Skåne, Sweden and we had the honor to compete in SM in Gothenburg and scored 5th place. In addition, we were the only company who was given an opportunity to pitch our business idea at Ideon Science Park, an event where more than 10 000 sharp minds and 400 companies meet to develop the future. 

Company members

Maya Malmquist


Alina Gabrielsson CFO 

About us

As there is a proven lack of interest, limited allocated resources, and a lack of ability and willingness from politicians and authorities to prioritize security against violence regarding women and other vulnerable groups in society, we have chosen to develop a unique service to counteract this. Violence towards these groups has increased explosively in recent years, not least during the pandemic, and is unfortunately now a part of everyday life, and although the service is available to all groups, we have chosen as a first step to prioritize promoting the safety of women as they are over represented as victims of men's violence in society. 

Most studies have clearly shown that there is a great deal of uncertainty for this group to move freely and safely in hidden places outdoors and especially after dark. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their surroundings when, for example, going to and from training, meeting with friends, bars, the cinema and restaurants or simply taking a walk. 

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Vanåfors Nature Retreat

Advokaten Eva Bazo